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Sharing our Joy of Bees and Lavender - Our Fourth Year

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

With no wedding on the summer's calendar, we could focus our efforts on sharing our little patch of heaven with others. First plan: Propagation Project. Second plan: welcome private groups for small workshops.

First Propagation Attempt

In October the prior year, we turned our attention to propagating our hybrid lavenders through cuttings. We took cuttings of the angustifolias, as well so that we could get true copies of the adult plants. Just for fun, we also planted some lavender from seed, angustifolia seed. After spending the winter in the greenhouse, the new babies emerged with lots of root and crown growth.

This was also the year we decided to start having some fun with our lavender! We hosted several private groups and clubs onto our property for educational and creative workshops about pollinators and pollinator gardens. We had so much fun and will continue to offer small groups the opportunity to see how lavender can create beauty in and outside of our homes. Contact us if you are interested in booking a private event or craft workshop on site!

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