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Keeping Bees

Updated: Apr 4, 2023

We started keeping bees a few years after we moved down to the Carson Valley from South Lake Tahoe. My husband had noticed an older and neglected lavender bush was teeming with dramatic movement that first summer in the valley. When he took a closer look, he noticed an enormous amount of busy insects flitting back and forth from bud to bud. It was that moment that my husband decided to be a beekeeper. Some time later, he learned from his father that his grandfather used to keep bees. He was given his grandfather's Beekeeping Bible as he began this new adventure.

Our bees

Although I was a bit afraid of bees (I honestly grouped them with other flying and stinging insects that made me run), I trusted my husband as he started learning everything he could about these amazing creatures. We joined a local beekeepers group and attended meetings as often as we could the first several years.

Since that those first few hives, we have learned more about these creatures and their complex society than we had ever thought possible. We love sharing our knowledge with others and have been asked several times to help newer beekeepers learn the trade and keep the faith! We look to continuing our education and sharing whatever we learn with others. For more information, book a private tour and find out what you can do to help these and other pollinators.

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